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Rare, Low Production and Unique Porsches

ROW Models

We specialize in locating, evaluating, procuring and securing rare, low production and unique examples of Rest of World Porsche’s which were either never, or only in part, offered in North America. We are well known to the international collector and dealer communities as a specialist in these models.

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The models we specialize in are increasingly becoming highly sought after in the North American market. As importation possibilities open up, owning and driving these special cars is becoming a reality for a wider market of collectors. A thorough understanding of – and solutions for – all of the issues which must be addressed when purchasing Rest of World models for importation to North America are now an essential part of the collecting paradigm. And we have a the full solution set developed from extensive real world experience.


We are on constant alert for examples fitting our criteria located around the world for both transactional business and historical archiving. As a result we see more air cooled Rest of World cars than most North American specialty dealers. This volume allows us to match examples to client demand more accurately and more rapidly than other purveyors.

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