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Rare, Low Production and Unique Porsches

Rare Porsches

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Appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Factually supported by unparalleled detailed factory documentation. And frequently cited by historians, owners and collectibles dealers alike. The Rare Porsches collective of historical archives and registries developed by Mark Smith represent two decades of building repositories on rare, low production and unique Porsche models … and discovering the compelling stories behind their successes and failures.


Rare Porsches is the natural extension of the work by Porsche archivist and historian Mark Smith chronicalling a variety of Porsche series from the 1990’s, a period when Porsche’s engineers and marketers built cars without regard for cost or production run size resulting in some of the rarest and most unique production series cars Porsche ever built. His first historical website on the previously little known 1994 Turbo S has been cited by experts and purveyors worldwide for more than a decade and its success led to the development of an ever growing series of historical websites archiving some of Porsche’s greatest engineering and marketing exploits from the air cooled era.

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The Rare Porsches website collective not only documents the specifics of the vehicles, but the stories behind their creation and in some cases their demise. Each site is a great read, providing unique insights into Porsche history, and into the context of the forces at work behind the development of the rarest lowest production supercars Porsche ever built.