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Rare, Low Production and Unique Porsches

Purchase Assistance

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Rest of World models are increasingly becoming highly prized in the North American market and as importation possibilities open up, owning and driving these special cars is becoming a reality. Our clients can rely upon our thorough understanding of – and solutions for – all of the issues which must be addressed when purchasing non United States specification vehicles or United States specification vehicles which have been exported. We can assure secure transactions with no money changing hands until all of the necessary paperwork is produced and in place to ensure successful delivery and titling.


WARNING: Before buying any vehicle for import/export contact us. How you structure your purchase, prepare your documents and route your transport all affects your costs both now and in the future – including taxes, resale value and available resale markets. United States Customs and Border Protection warns not to buy any imported or re-imported vehicle without the correct documentation and paperwork. Vehicles could be subject to forfeiture and destroyed. You also may not be able to title or register your vehicle in any state in the United States.

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A simple mistake can cost tens of thousands of dollars in import costs, duties, VAT, and state taxes – can prevent importation of a vehicle altogether – or substantially lower a vehicles value.