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Rare, Low Production and Unique Porsches


An essential component of the purchase process is a thorough knowledge based inspection of the target vehicle. Our standardized inspection solution makes it possible to compare vehicles to a database of peers in order to generate the highest standard of evaluation. Standardized inspections are available in North America, Europe and Japan.

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Using our vast proprietary historical archives and institutional knowledge base each Inspection Report is customized to the specifics of the model. And as we have intimate knowledge of the models we cover there is no comparable service offering anywhere in the world. Issued at two available depths of recording (Level I and Level II), Inspection Reports are based exclusively upon in person inspection. The Level II report incorporates Level I as part of its specification covering more detail. Inspection Reports are professional observational recordings without interpretation, rating or opinion.
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Our knowledge base includes:

  • Detailed production database on 20,000+ Porsche Vehicles
  • Database of model specific paint meter charts
  • Database of peer model Inspection Reports
  • Database of peer model photo suites
  • Application of the highest standard test equipment

Inspection Reports consist of the following components:

Level I

  • Interior Photo Suite ~115 point interior digital photos
  • Exterior Photo Suite ~250 point exterior digital photos
  • Proprietary Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Composite Panel Paint Meter Chart
  • ECU General and Fault Codes Scan
  • ECU Overspeed Scan and Report

Level II

  • ~ 40 Point Body Panel Fitment Visual Report
  • ~ 30 Point Body Seam, Rust and Trim Condition Report
  • ~ 40 Point Wheels, Tires and Brakes Condition Report
  • ~ 20 Point Undercarriage Condition Report
  • ~ 25 Point Adjusters, Lids and Tops Operation Report
  • ~ 40 Point Lights and Switches Operation Report
  • Engine Start and Run Report
  • Drive Test Report
  • Visible Light Leak Report
  • Paint Deviation Outlier Report
  • Inspectors Summary Report

* Details vary by model and access to viewable parts. ECU scan varies by model and accessible data.