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Import and Export

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When purchasing a vehicle it is critical to have all documentation and paperwork necessary to allow for import/export and titling and registration in one’s home country. Any mistake in this regard could be costly and may prohibit current or future import/export, titling and registration. We do not recommend making any purchase without a thorough consultation regarding the circumstances of the purchase transaction. This requires a full review and understanding of both existing and required documentation that affects both current and future considerations.


WARNING: Before buying any vehicle for import/export contact us. How you structure your purchase, prepare your documents and route your transport all affects your costs both now and in the future – including taxes, resale value and available resale markets. United States Customs and Border Protection warns not to buy any imported or re-imported vehicle without the correct documentation and paperwork. Vehicles could be subject to forfeiture and destroyed. You also may not be able to title or register your vehicle in any state in the United States.

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There is no standard case for import export exemptions. Each vehicle is a separate matter and must be evaluated on its own merit. Anyone who tells you differently lacks real world experience with the complex matters which regulate and govern the complex web of regulations affecting importing or exporting a motor vehicle, including:

  • United States Department of Transportation (DOT) general compliance and exemptions
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) general compliance and exemptions
  • United States Customs and Border Protection general compliance and exemptions
  • Department of Motor Vehicles regulations for titling, registration and environmental compliance
  • United States import under show and display exemption
  • United States import under 25 year rule
  • United States import under special short term exemptions
  • United States import of race vehicles under permanent exemptions
  • United States export structured for possible future reimport
  • European storage to avoid EPA/DOT modification on United States import
  • Japan storage to avoid EPA/DOT modification on United States import

A simple mistake can cost tens of thousands of dollars in import costs, duties, VAT, and state taxes – can prevent importation of a vehicle altogether – or substantially lower a vehicles value.