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Rare, Low Production and Unique Porsches

Concours By Appointment

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Concours By Appointment represents a one stop shop for global procurement and ownership of Porsches. Sourced from all over the world for anyone, anywhere, in the world – using a standardized set of solutions that make the process of collecting vehicles from around the globe enjoyable, low risk and affordable.

As a purveyor of rare, low production and unique off market Porsches – we operate exclusively in the virtual marketplace with no vested inventory to promote. As a result our processes from location to final delivery are transparent, seamless and cost effective for collectors at all levels. And our PORS9 service is a unique exchange matching buyers and sellers of millennial Porsche GT and Turbo models in North America.

With global dealer and support services partners we are world renown and our clients include some of the world’s most prolific amalgamators of rare Porsches.  Unparalleled, we offer buyers at all levels the opportunity to own coveted Porsches at affordable ‘all in’ delivered-to-door prices anywhere in the world.

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