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Rare, Low Production and Unique Porsches


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Concours By Appointment, a bonded, licensed, specialty global auto brokerage focusing on rare, low production and unique Porsches, was conceived from the experience of Porsche historian and archivist Mark Smith’s work with some of the biggest names in the global marketplace for collectible Porsches. As a result of this work CBA is at most one degree away from every independent global dealer in this exotic marque and based upon this extensive experience in dealing with the realities of buying and selling vehicular assets in the biggest markets all over the world, CBA sets the standard for managing the process from end-to-end.


Concours By Appointment has located rare Porsches that have found their way into the hands of the world’s top collectors and has provided professional advice and proprietary data to support vehicle transactions for collections, specialist dealers and auction houses from around the world. CBA founder and proprietor Mark Smith’s work as a Porsche archivist and historian led to the founding of PORS9, the North American millennial Porsche registry and locator service.