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Rare, Low Production and Unique Porsches


Image Evaluate Appraisal 1
In today’s market the valuation of rare, low production and unique Porsche’s is essential to both collecting and insurability. Sellers must prove the value proposition and buyers must confirm it. An essential component of that process, following a thorough knowledge based inspection of the vehicle, is a Certificate of Appraisal. Using our access to on and off market sales results, global offer pricing and our proprietary historical transaction pricing database, we can amalgamate all available data to generate a defensible valuation.


There are significant contributors to a vehicle’s appraisal such as mileage, history, condition, originality and completeness – and as important, an understanding of the rarity of an example the intrinsic value of which rarity can only be interpreted by a market expert. Through our efforts related to historical Rare Porsches and PCNALocator we have accumulated the most comprehensive data set available from a single source and with that the corresponding market expertise .
Image Evaluate Appraisal 2